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Dear customer!

Our products are designed to repair minor damage to paintwork. (SMALL REPAIR)

Please Use protective gloves. 

Shake touch-up stick well. (30-60 sec.)

Apply several thin layers of base coat after this it has become touch dry (approx. 30 minutes ) and then apply a thin layer a clear coat. 

Work temperature: 

Make sure the temperature is at least 50°F degrees or 10°C celsius 

The paint can dry very quickly in warm weather (above 70°F degrees or 22°C). 



Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources. 

Use only outdoors or in a well-ventilated area 

Wear protective gloves  

Fast instruction: 

Cleaning. Sanding the Surface (if necessary) 

Priming (if necessary) (dry approx. 10-30 minutes)

Painting Chipped Areas (dry approx. 10-30 minutes.)

Apply the Clear coat .

It is best to apply one thin coat.

If you need to apply another layer, wait until the first layer dries. (dry approx. 15-30min.)  

Fully instruction: 

How to Use Touch up Paint

1. Wash the car. Focus on deep cleaning the area where the paint is chipped. Making sure the area is clean will help you identify all the spots that need to be touched up and will reduce the risk of getting dirt and grime in the new paint

2. Check for rust and remove. Removing the rust will help minimize the chance of rust developing under the paint in the future

3. Apply primer, if necessary. Squeeze a dab of primer onto the area if the chip reaches metal. If the chip is surface-level, you can skip this step. Primer is needed for deep chips because regular paint will not adhere to bare metal. Spread the primer around the small chip with a tiny brush. Only use enough primer for one thin coat. Allow the primer to dry completely. Avoid getting primer on the car paint outside of the chipped area. It will ruin the finish.

4. Test the paint. Apply some of the paint to an area on the car that isn't visible, such as the lip under a door. It is important to make sure the paint you've purchased will not react poorly to your existing paint and also that it matches well. Shake the paint well before testing it. This will ensure that the true color and consistency are tested. 

5. Apply the touch-up paint to the primed area. Spread 1 to 3 layers of touch-up paint on the area. 

6. Allow drying time between coats and after the layers are applied. Between each layer let the paint dry for an hour. This will ensure that each layer is set and doesn't get smeared by the next.  

7. Apply the Clear Coat. Apply top coat all over desired area.. Try to get the top coat as smooth and even as possible, using a clean brush, even strokes, as several thin layers. 

Apply several thin coats instead of one thick coat. 

Allow your top coat to dry for 15 to 30 minutes between coats. 

BUT better use will state that one coat is enough. 

Two-component instruction: 

Two-component Touch up Paint. 

You will received 2 bottles. First Coat is the Bottle when is letter YOUR COLOR AND Nr.1 BASE COAT (This is first bottle) after 10-15 min. You can start use second Bottle Nr.2 PEARL COAT (It is second bottle). Please before read us standard instructions about the process and how to start made process for repair.

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